Year after year, there is a new technological trend that goes out. New devices, new gadgets, new digital applications and new technological methodologies—there are always something new to look forward to. But the big and important question is: “Do we always need to follow all the technological trends?”

Well, as you can read, this question may sound really subjective. There are many factors that need to be considered. Here are these factors:

Do you need to follow the trend? For instance, there is a new model of your favorite cellular phone brand and everyone is so crazy to have it. Will you also go for it?

The question is what’s your purpose behind wanting this newly-released gadget? Do you need it for work, or will it beneficial for your other tasks? And the most important question is: Can you afford it? Is your earning enough so you can buy it?

Following a trend is good. It allows you to keep up with the latest features and it can bring a whole lot of fun and excitement to your life. But you also have to bear in mind if it’s practical and functional. If you believe buying this stuff will do you any good, then go ahead and buy it.

Going with technological trend has becoming a necessity nowadays. It equates to advancing careers and advancing status in the society. Though it is really something good as it elevates our societal status and career, one must also be wary of one disadvantage. And this is to following the trend without considering if it’s really functional. In order to maximize the use of a new device, you must be sure that you need its features for your work. If not, you must review your reasons and ideologies behind following a particular trend.

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