Around the world, Facebook has about 2.6 billion users monthly. It has become the biggest social networking site in the world. Almost everyone has a Facebook account. It serves a communication channel for everyone in the world.

It has a messenger feature that allows each user to send message to all his friends on Facebook. He can make audio calls and set up video conferences. It also has a feature where it can facilitate video calls.

Facebook’s ‘What’s on your mind’ feature has also allowed users to speak up their minds by filling out this category. This serves as the status of the user, wherein friends can comment on it and exchange opinions. Photos can also be uploaded in this online platform. It can be saved in albums. Depending on the user privacy settings, Facebook friends or any user can view these photos.

In this digital age, everything has been made online. Even photo storage has already been made online. This is why many users are using Facebook to store their photos. It can serve as their online photo portfolio. In order to guard the privacy of one’s photos, one must be vigilant in choosing his privacy settings.

Facebook has indicated various settings selection to protect the users from scammers and potential hackers. There are some cases of account hacking but Facebook has resolved its issues and has made adjustments to their privacy settings.

Today, Facebook continues to modify their features. It proceeds on adding features that may help users in communicating its thoughts and storing memories in the form of photos and videos. Starting from its layout and the design, to the functionality of its features, Facebook has continued to reinvent their brand. And this move has proven to be beneficial to them, as they continue to be the leading networking site in the world.

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