Many people who vape find inhaling vape a relaxing and fun activity. There are many tricks that you can perform to enhance your vape-smoking experience. Here are some of the most common vape smoking tricks that you can perform on your next vaping spree.

Double O

The double o trick requires the use of your index finger in the middle of your lips as if making the “SHH!” gesture. Puff your ecig, then keep your tongue at the back and ensure it stays flat as you slowly puff out from your slightly open mouth.  

Vapor Bubble

Apart from your eCig, this trick also requires you to use a paper roll and a container of soap and water. To begin, you should create something like a bubble wand by inserting one side of the paper roll into the mixture of soap and water. Puff your eCig, blow into the paper roll, and watch as a mixture of a lathery bubble of e-liquid vapor, soap, and water comes out on the other end of the paper roll. Pop the bubble to produce spherical vapors.

The Waterfall

This is one of the most popular vape smoking techniques. Although it looks complex and difficult to learn, the waterfall effect is easy to pull off. Partially fill in a bottle with frozen water and slowly blow in the vape that you puffed from your eCig. Thereafter, pour out the vapor as if you are emptying the bottle.

Vape Battery Safety

To enjoy these fun vape tricks, you should exercise caution by using the right type of batteries to power your ecig. Ensure that you stick to proper-sized batteries so that you do not compromise the functionality of your vaping device. You can find quality batteries using vape local find a vape shop near me.Toggle panel: Mega Main Options

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