A reliable HVAC system is essential for our homesteads. The alternating cold and hot seasons can bear extreme temperatures that we can only live through by relying on a proper HVAC system.

It would help if you had an idea of the different models and functionality of AC systems available in the market so that you can make a sound judgment when buying a new one or replacing an old one. Here are a few common ones to keep in mind.

1.      Split System Heating and Air Conditioning

This is a type of air condition, and the heating system is perfect. Also called the central heating and air conditioning systems or the home comfort system, it is the most popular form of heating and air condition system for most residential units.

The outdoor part of this HVAC system contains the condenser and the compressor, while the indoor unit has the blower and evaporation coil. The split system is often configured in several ways depending on your climatic needs:

  • Air handler and a heat pump
  • A furnace and an air conditioner
  • A furnace and a heat pump

2.      Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump

It is the perfect option for an HVAC system in spaces where the conventional ducted heating and air conditioning systems won’t be compatible. This type of HVAC system thrives in offices and residential areas that are in dire need of heating and cooling.

They operate more efficiently and quietly in comparison to other systems. Ductless systems usually have an air conditioner placed on the outside or a heat pump that serves the dual purpose of cooling and heating.

There are no furnaces with this type of HVAC system, and a fan is used to disperse the air around the rooms.

3.      Packaged Air Conditioning and Heating System

Packaged HVAC systems are composed of a condenser, an evaporator, and a compressor in one unit. This type of heating and cooling systems is common in houses that do not have a basement and are installed outside, usually in the foundation of the roof. It’s also a suitable type of HVAC system in houses and offices facing, which are compromised by space issues.

Packaged HVAC systems have a blower that forces air in and out of the home. There are various types of packaged HVAC units, such as:

  • Hybrid – A combination of a heat pump and a gas furnace
  • Heat pump – A single unit provides both heating and cooling.
  • Electric/ Gas – A gas furnace and an air conditioner

4.      Geothermal HVAC systems

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are quite sophisticated pieces of technology. Their working principle is that they use the temperatures of the earth to heat up or cool your surroundings. Water containing a refrigerant circulates in pipes that are either placed in the ground or in water to collect or shed off the excess heat.

Since they work with nature to provide heating and cooling, they neither burn any fuel nor emit any greenhouse gases, which is a plus if you care about the environment. They are up to four times more efficient than the traditional HVAC system.

The stable temperatures of the ground facilitate heat and cold exchange in the pipes and are referred to as Geoexchange.

You don’t have to go into deep, mustache-twirling thought to know that traditional split systems are the HVAC system people prefer. It’s because they are efficient, and it’s hard to beat the value you will get, especially in the first decade of its service. That doesn’t mean the rest of the HVAC systems are useless. On the contrary, if you want to save some cash, and are conscious of your emissions, there are a lot of great options in the markets. Do a bit of research, find what works for you,

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