Conflicts are a part of everyday life and it is important to investigate some of the reasons that cause them to try to prevent a majority of them. Understanding the root cause of most conflicts is vital, but it is equally important to understand the societal factors that cause bad relations between people. A peaceful society characterized by no conflicts is ideal, however, it is almost impossible to achieve this given the present society. This article provides information about the root cause of most conflicts between people.

Conflict Fueled By Social Status Factors

The conflict between people might be one or a combination of factors that bring about bad relations. The first factor is the social status that plays a critical role in determining the role that each individual will play in society. People in the lower ranks of social status tend to have more work to do and less to be happy about as compared to people higher in the social status who are wealthier, more popular, and successful in their professions (Trnka, 2013). Therefore, this factor causes a lot of conflict between people in different ways, consequently creating tension within the community.

Conflicts from Personal or Political Interests

Differing interests among people is also a source of conflict between people and it is characterized in different ways in everyday life. For instance, conflict can easily arise between two groups of supporters who are fans of opposing teams because their interests do not align. Political foes engage in bitter arguments simply because the interests of their nations do not align, and this ends up creating conflict on an extensive scope (Fischer & Ferlie, 2013). When individuals have different interests, opinions, or ideas that they cannot amicably solve, conflict becomes imminent and it ends up affecting so many people.

Conflict of the Mind

Another cause for conflict between people is the different access to information that characterizes a critical trait of society. Nobody has the same knowledge as the person next to him or her, and this is always down to access to information. It is also possible to look at it as differing education levels, but when people are not thinking alike, then they will have conflicts (Wästerfors, 2011). In such circumstances, conflicts arise and benefit one definite group because they know something that the other group does not. The different ways that people think and what they really know about the society around them is a source of conflict between people as they try to position themselves in the community.

In conclusion, from birth, we are different in every way from sex, nationality, tribe, education, upbringing, and thoughts, not to mention the diverse personalities of every person. Therefore, the fact that most people live a lifestyle that is dependent on their social class highlights a critical source of conflict because jealousy and the struggle for equality will always be fundamental aspects of the human community. As long as there are people who seem to be more privileged than others are, conflicts of whatever nature are bound to happen. Similarly, the diversity of the world means that each person has their interests and if somebody tries to infringe on these interests, then conflict will be inevitable. As much as people have access to information through the internet, not everybody assimilates this information in the same way. Therefore, these key differences cause conflict in society and end up determining how people interact.

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