It is easy to write up a to-do list and even tick them off as you go, for example, a shopping list or a week’s task list is something that you can maintain and accomplish easily. But why is it a challenge to achieve and check off a new year resolution list? Is it a mindset thing, or is it the level of commitment that comes with fulfilling a new year’s resolution list?

What Your resolutions Should Entails

  • Say no to self-doubt
  • Make it a self-effort activity
  • Stay on course and get back on your feet if you slip up
  • Reward your efforts for all achievements that you make
  • Keep reassessing your resolutions and make reasonable tweaks if need be
  • Write down your resolutions and make them known
  • Write down your goals and be very specific

Where to Start

Resolutions should be attainable and realistic, it’s the whole reason that we set them in the first place. Avoid defining overwhelming goals and go for something simpler with smaller achievable potions spread out throughout the year.

Speak Your Resolutions to Life

Resolutions can be intimidating if we let them drag out. Find someone to confide in and share your concerns or intentions. If you need encouragement then make it a habit to talk about it as much as you can while you review your plans repeatedly.

Start Small and Improve over time

Do not jump into it right away, you will burn out faster before achieving much. Instead, test your ability with smaller manageable steps. For example, if you plan to jog often in the year, instead of jogging daily, jog 3 to 4 times a week.

The longest people keep their presentations during the year vary from person to person. It could be as short as a day or as long as 6 months. Most of the resolutions wither out by March. Dare to be different and cross off everything on your list.

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