An obsession is a psychological condition that often steers one’s motivation and when we are extremely interested or continually preoccupied with an individual, a TV show, or a book, we say we are obsessed.

We all have obsessions. When we are obsessed with something, we cannot get over it. Every woman’s desire is to dominate her man’s mind to become his favorite snack. What women should understand is that men obsess over many things. To become his obsession, first you need to understand all the things that they obsess over repeatedly. 

In his book “His Secret Obsession,” James Bauer explains that it is easy for a woman to attract a man but it takes effort to keep the man intrigued. For instance, for a man to be particularly obsessed with a woman, it requires more than physical intimacy, wealth, or even love. Becoming a man’s secret obsession can be quite a daunting task but not impossible.

Ideally, the first move is to identify what the said man secretly obsesses over and make him feel treasured. Most men are secretly charmed by women who can activate their hero instincts, make them feel treasured and can use secret signals to relay their messages.

A woman should understand what drives her man. You can draw him closer by figuring out what he cares for. This realization will make him feel more loved, more cared for and above all it will link your happiness to what drives him. Generally, men rarely express their emotional needs and in most cases, they tend to suffer silently. As a result, the relationship suffers from petty issues and misunderstandings.

To better satisfy his secret desires, you need to his friend first and understands his emotional, physical and intellectual desires.

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