Are you working in an office where you feel happy and satisfied? Do you wake up everyday and feel excited to go to the office because you feel it’s going to be a great day at work? Okay, so maybe not everyday but surely some days, you may feel so. However, if that’s not the case, and if you feel the actual opposite, then you might not be loving your working environment. That happens sometimes, and it can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, that can lead to poor productivity too. If your environment is not something that promotes positivity and enthusiasm at your work place, that can create a bad impact for your work efforts as well. You may slowly lose your motivation and inspiration. Suddenly, one day you wake up dragging yourself to go to work because you don’t have that same burning passion for your job as what you once did in the past.

Do not take it for granted though. There are some factors that may have triggered your loss of working enthusiasm. And your work environment plays a big part of that. These different scenario may be the cause of your bad working environment and thus lead to bad productivity:

1.If you are working in an office where the working schedule is far stretched out, it will not come as a surprise that staff will start feeling burnt out. Working for excessive hours will surely be a perfect description for a bad working environment. Although your company’s management feels it is needed to increase more output, it actually results to the opposite effect.
2.You have a terrible boss, or probably a colleague, or maybe it’s someone in the office. You work with that person directly or indirectly, and you feel stressed out dealing and working with that person. That also makes your office environment barely bearable for you. Thinking of seeing that person everyday just makes you feel bad automatically.
3.The work loads are unending and too much for you to attend to. This attribute is basically a common reason that equals a bad working environment. Your company should know how to take care of its employees. If they are handing out too much unrealistic tasks, then you will surely feel you are suffocated with too much work.

If you feel either of these factors, you will know that you are not in a good and healthy working environment. Make sure to do something about it, and face the issue head on. If you do, then you can recover your productivity and save your work just as well.

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