If your family has a business that your father worked so hard in establishing and growing, chances are he might leave it to you to manage. Given the fact that you do not oppose to this, and you are equally interested in taking over your father’s business, you are now torn between changing it according to your new business ideas and plans or retaining it as your father’s old methods of business.

To avoid any misunderstandings and future dilemmas, the best way to sort your confusion is to thoroughly talk it out with your father at first. Both of you should settle down with a decision as to how the business will now be operated. Are you still working below him? Is he going to fully retire and give up his position as the sole decision maker? Is he entrusting the entire business for you to fully operate? You have to know exactly at which point you are going to be able to apply changes. You need to understand that this business is ultimately important for your father and when he finally hand it over to you, it does not only mean that he allows you to earn a living from his business- it means much more deeper than that. It probably would mean he is leaving you his life legacy and trusts you to make the best out of it.

Once you have cleared and verified all your father’s intentions and motives, then it is the best time for you to study your family business. Do not make hefty decisions and don’t rush into applying new changes right away. Similar to anything else in life, time is one of the key in this situation too. You can gradually and surely revamp your father’s business into something you want, when the time is right. For now, slowly accustom yourself to his old suppliers, his old systems, and his methods of business. When you assess and evaluate which strategies to retain and fully let go of, then you can start to revolutionize different concepts and strategies little by little.

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