Knowing your customer’s feedback is very important and impactful for the success of your business. We live in an era where information technology is rampantly advanced and people can get information easily through the internet. A lot of your future clients and customers rely on the information provided by the reviews that were sourced out from previous and old clients. Hence, it is important to be sure to react well when replying to your customer reviews. Studies show that 89% of customers worldwide read reviews online. Therefore, it is crucial for you to react wisely on both positive and negative reviews that your company gets on different platforms. Here are some helpful tips for you to handle customer reviews as a manager:

1.When handling positive and delightful reviews, it would be best for you to leave a short but polite reply to your customer online. Even if the reviews may be too tempting to send a longer appreciation reply, some people or third parties feel it is too promotional and thus can result to negative future impacts.
2.It is very natural to receive negative reviews online. There are no businesses that have perfect track records among the thousands or even millions of users and customers. So it is commonplace for most companies to receive bad feedbacks. It has been studied on its own efficacy though that the best way to handle negative reviews is to reply to each and every review carefully and genuinely. You as a manager should respond and engage with the customers online. This becomes an effective complaint management strategy for a lot of companies. By doing so, other clients who may have the same concern will no longer post anything else since they could relate and observe the prior management complaint interactions with the clients.
3.Be prepared and come up with general or tailored solutions for similar complaints and bad feedbacks. However, you have to deliver them in personalized and customized messages so as to ease the feelings of the recipient. If they feel that you are empathizing well enough, they can have a change of heart and perceive your company better that they first did.

Basically, whether your company gets positive or negative feedbacks, the important task for you to do as the manager is to handle it promptly and smartly.

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