Everyone has their own expectations when it comes to the work experience and modern organizations try to have a diverse workplace. With that in mind, conflicts will tend to arise when people from different backgrounds interact on a daily basis. The trick is to know how to prevent conflicts and resolve them amicably when they arise. Here’s how to go about it.

Initiate talk

The best way to handle conflict in your workplace is to initiate communication between the affected parties. The silent treatment never works and it only makes the situation worse. There’s no need to sulk when you can unburden yourself through communication and improve employee well being.

Don’t get personal

It’s more constructive to focus on someone’s behavior as well as the events that happened in order to cause the conflict. For example, you can start your sentence with “when this happens…” instead of “when you do this”.  Also, you need to describe a specific situation rather than generalizing.


You should allow the other party to finish rather than focusing on how you are going to react. The worst thing you can do is to interrupt the other party. Allow someone to finish speaking and even rephrase what that person said to ensure you get the full gist of it. If there’s anything you don’t understand, ask a question.

Identify conflict areas

During mediation, you need to identify areas where you agree and disagree. Also, you should ask the other party whether they agree with your appraisal. The next step is to modify your appraisal until you can both acknowledge the conflict areas.

Formulate a roadmap

You will now need to prioritize the conflict areas so that you can know where to start in order to resolve the conflict. The next step is to begin with the most pressing area of contention. You also need to look to the future instead of dwelling on past mistakes and hurts. It’s also important to arrange to meet in future as you continue with your discussions.

Aim to follow through

You also need to follow through on the plan to resolve the conflict. You need to remain steadfast as you pursue the objective of working through each conflict area. Your attitude at this time should be one of collaboration so as to find a solution.

Nurture the process

The final step is to build on the initial success so that you can continue to grow in your careers. You also should seek opportunities to highlight the progress you’ve made. Be complimentary to your colleague’s perception as well as achievements. Whenever you make any progress, it’s important to congratulate each other. Remember that one small step is going to lead to giant strides in the future. It’s going to take some work on both sides but the end result is being able to maintain amicable communications at all times.

Bottom line

If you’ve been placed in a leadership position in your place of work, you can expect to have a conflict with those below you. It’s also a mistake to try and avoid conflict instead of embracing it. With a bit of skill, you can continue to be a rising star if you’re able to manage office conflict swiftly and justly.

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